At this moment, listening to our fellow Jews of Color helps us see the current crisis through Jewish eyes. Jews of Color are subject to both racism and anti-Semtism, sometimes overtly, sometimes subtly. We want to support Jews of Color in our marches, in our synagogues and Communities.  Not just this month, but every day.  We are always and truly stronger together.

The tip this week is to listen, really listen. 

The first article is from our friend and writer extraordinaire, Tema Smith (pictured here), from Toronto, CA.
If you only read one of these articles, please read this one.  
Why is this Time Different from All Other Times? – The Forward

Why You Need to Care About Black Lives Matter, A young Jew of Color speaks to White Jews – by Aviva Davis in My Jewish Learning

The Racism I Face As a Black Jewish Dad in a Face Mask – By Kenny Khan in Kveller

Why Does Listening to Jews of Color Help?
This week’s Action Tip helps you fight hate by listening and learning what’s needed to help. Jews of Color face multiple layers of subtle and overt prejudice, even in their own synagogues. If you understand, you can make a difference, starting in your own congregation.

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