Some of us are baking more than ever while we are apart.

If you are baking challah, make an extra one this Shabbat and give it to a different neighbor of another faith each week (within COVID safety protocols of course). Explain what making and eating challah means to you and why you wanted to share it.

This is a nice way to end celebrations for Juneteenth (June 19th, 2020) with your neighbors.  We fight for freedom and nurture our souls together.

Many of our neighbors have seen a challah before in a bakery and may have even made french toast with it!  Keep in mind they may not know the religious significance of the challah. Your gift creates a delicious opportunity to ask questions and exchange ideas.

How Does Sharing Challah Fight Anti-Semitism?
This week’s Action Tip helps you fight hate by building bridges (just like 2 for Seder).  Having or giving a direct, authentic experience allows individuals to make their own decisions about Judaism or another culture.  It is a first-hand counter to stereotypes, tropes and myths.  In our secular society, experiences about religion and other cultures are critical for living together in peace and harmony.

Send us your comments or pictures about this Tip  We especially want to see your challah!

Do you have an idea for how to build bridges and fight anti-Semitism? Let us know!