COVID-19 impacts us all.  Food insecurity is a major challenge cutting across all cultures and religions – and some of us who used to donate to charities, are now in need of their services. While most of us can’t heal the sick, we can help our neighbors from all backgrounds by supporting local food banks/pantries.

Some food banks are not taking food donations but are taking financial donations to help purchase food.  Check in with them to ask what they need most – financial support, food donations, or your volunteer time.

If they are only taking financial donations…
Because of COVID-19 restrictions, food banks have made adjustments, while responding to increased food insecurity.  Volunteers may have been the primary food sorters and during these times they may not be able to be in the building. If your local food bank is only taking financial donations, they may be using funds for bulk ordering that their paid staff can quickly sort through.

If they are taking food Donations…
Ask neighbors of different faiths and cultures to suggest special treats or essential ingredient to include in the food donations. Through your neighborhood collection, you can honor religious and cultural dietary preferences, such as kosher, halal, and vegetarian. Other cultures and religions have similar restrictions.  Share this list when asking your neighbors to join you in responding to food insecurity.

Once it is complete, make sure to thank everyone in a group email – even a small community win brings us all together.

How does collecting food help fight hate and anti-Semitism?
Tikkun Olam, the Jewish concept of repairing the world, with a multi-faith/ethnic emphasis brings us all together as equals and raises our respect for each other. Providing/helping others brings out the best in all of us.