Wearing a mask helps save lives. We acknowledge that masks are uncomfortable, especially in these hot summer months.  It’s challenging to wear one for a long period of time or even for a few minutes under the sun.

This Week’s Tip: Actively thank those around you for wearing a mask, especially if it’s required for their work.  

It’s been HOT across the United States this week and COVID is not only still with us, but is raging across the South.  Luckily, we are able to afford an air conditioning system and the maintenance person was scheduled to come this week. I was a little nervous about having someone outside our “pod” come into the house, but the company assured me that he would be wearing a mask and frankly, I really didn’t want any problems with my A/C when it’s 96 degrees and 90% humidity.

The maintenance expert showed up wearing a DOUBLE mask plus gloves. It must have been wildly uncomfortable and he was at the house working hard for more than an hour.  How could I thank him for going that extra mile to keep my family safe?  In addition to a tip, I thanked him for wearing his masks. He thanked me and joked about how he is getting used to it – until he steps outside.

Connect with Words
Thank you to the checkout folks at the grocery store, the folks at our favorite Thai takeout restaurant, and everyone I come into contact with who is wearing a mask for their work.  A little human connection helps make a difficult situation more bearable, but it also helps make up for the the lack of body language that the mask covers. These days, a smile has to come from our words.

Negative comments are counter-productive and rude, silence is, well, silent, but a positive comment might just keep someone going for the rest of the work day.  It’s that little boost of energy to help repair a little bit of the world.

How does Thanking someone for wearing a mask fight Hate and anti-Semitism? 
It doesn’t – this is a pure Tikkun Olam Tip!   It’s something you can do to tie in with the Jewish value of repairing your corner of the world.

Silence doesn’t help – a brief acknowledgement of everyone’s efforts goes a long way.  

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