Despite the heat, it’s almost Fall!  Local groups and clubs are exploring ways to safely resume their activities.  School is starting up again soon, albeit virtually in many areas.  “Spirit Nights” are a type of fundraiser that supports a group at a local restaurant.  The restaurant donates a percentage of those sales from your organization dining there on a particular date.

This Week’s Tip: Create a Spirit Night that supports diversity.  Bring your fundraising event or virtual social group to a local ethnic restaurant for take-out. It’s a win-win for your group and a local business.

Lauren Kline, 2 for Seder Co-Founder, supporting her favorite local Indian restaurant.

Expanding the Minds and Palates of Friends and Neighbors
Prior to COVID, I brought my Ladies’ Night group to my family’s favorite little Indian restaurant.  We are friends with the owner who came over to say “hi” and ask if we had any questions.  My friends were skeptical about eating Indian cuisine…but then they tried the food and loved it!  By introducing my friends to this food, and to the owner who works so hard to make the food authentic, they started visiting the restaurant without me, and ordering their favorite dishes for carry-out.  This strengthened the community bond with at least one small neighborhood restaurant.

While we are maintaining physical distance, and eating together in the restaurant isn’t feasible, some of my friends continue to enjoy the food and support the restaurant by getting take-out.  The delicious food and the action of connecting with this restaurant offers an actual and symbolic doorway to learning about Indian culture.  The restaurant owner is always more than happy, and welcomes the opportunity, to share some of the history surrounding the food.

How would hosting a fundraising event at our local ethnic restaurant fight Hate and anti-Semitism? 

Making a personal connection with someone of a different background lessens misunderstandings and stereotypes that are the seeds of hate.

By expanding the palates and connections of those in our group, we provide an opportunity to learn about the origins of the foods we are consuming, as well as open the doors of communication with our neighbors of different cultures and faiths.

Understanding each other brings a greater appreciation for our differences, increasing tolerance and respect.