In the Sukkah

“2 for Seder: In the Sukkah” –  Safely Fight Anti-Semitism from Home

2 for Seder: In the Sukkah

Fight Back Against Anti-Semitism with Love and a Safe Sukkah!

2 for Seder: In the Sukkah focuses on the traditional values associated with the Jewish holiday Sukkot (the evening of October 2-9th), encouraging hospitality, transition, and gratefulness.Simply set up a Sukkah (or your version of the Sukkah) and invite 2 friends of another faith to share a COVID-safe meal.  Start a dialogue!

Let’s fight anti-Semitism across North America through sharing an authentic and joyous Jewish experience.

Your Sukkah Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Perfect This Year

The High Holidays are going to be different this year, but Sukkot, a home-based, outdoor holiday, is waiting for you to make it special.  These Sukkahs are all shapes, sizes and places, but they let you see the stars, feel the breeze and have a meal together.  Pick a spot and decorate it to make it special for the week of Sukkot.

This year, we encourage all North American Jews to invite a few friends of another faith to participate in this tradition.  In a year where the High Holidays will be celebrated differently, Sukkot is a home-based holiday that is ready to be rediscovered during COVID.  If you already have a Sukkah, are thinking of getting one or just plan to “fudge it” on your porch, this is the time for beginning a new family tradition.  2 for Seder: In the Sukkah is an active way to strengthen our friendships and push back on the hatred and anti-Semitism we are seeing while we are apart. 

 2 for Seder in the Sukkah is:

A Jewish Experience Meant to Be Shared –  Just like 2 for Seder, sharing a meal with a friend of another faith gives people a first-hand experience of Judaism, cutting through the noise of anti-Semitic tropes and news.  

Celebrated at Home, Outside – Since Sukkot is not as widely celebrated as Hannukah or Passover, we provide a Guide , Tips and a webinar  to guide you through and get a jump on your own Sukkot family traditions for all members of the family. 

SukkahSAFE – Sukkahs are partially open to the outside. Our free Guide includes a SukkahSafe Fact sheet (as part of our free Guide) for a safe in-person or virtual expereience.

Join us in our virtual sukkah for a fun night of music across North America!

With performances from three musicians, including Sara Stock Mayo, from across North America, we’ll celebrate what we have and share with others.

All donations will be matched dollar for dollar.

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