Press Kit

Thank you for your interest in 2 for Seder and our parent nonprofit, Pittsburgh Interfaith Evolution (PIE).  We were founded in 2019 after the Pittsburgh Tree of Life Shooting and created the 2 for Seder pilot in 3 months.  We asked 53 Jewish organizations to share our communications and our vision.  There were almost 1,000 home Seders held in 45 states and 5 Canadian provinces.

In 2020, there are 200+ organizations working with us.  We have completely overhauled and recreated the 2 for Seder Kit that we supply for free to home Seders.  We have expanded our services to include supporting Community Seders and a Campus Pilot.  Community Seders are critical for North Americans who are interested in participating in 2 for Seder but do not know anyone who is Jewish.

You can track our progress with our interactive map on the homepage.

We are looking forward to a Passover season of peace, freedom and empowerment against hate with our neighbors across North America.


For Media Inquiries and interviews: Marnie Fienberg at

Press Kit

In addition to our Press Kit, our FAQ are constantly growing and we are planning a live Facebook Q&A session the week of March 30th for our Participants to discuss holding a Seder and using the 2 for Seder Kit.  

2 for Seder in the News – see the press stories about our program.



I am hosting a Seder. In attendance will be 2 Muslims, 1 Episcopalian, 1 Hispanic Cathollc, 1 Unitarian, and 1 Jewish Humanist

- 2019 Participant in Sarasota, FL

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Memorial at Tree of Life Synagogue

Tree of Life Synagogue Vicitm Joyce Fienberg.  2 for Seder is held in memory of Joyce. 

PIE/2 for Seder Co-Founder Marnie Fienberg, daughter-in-law of Joyce Fienberg.

Promotional images for 2 for Seder 2020

Haggadah used in 2019 Seder in Berlin, Germany.

2019 Seder at the Mt. Everest basecamp.