2 for Seder launched back in February 2019 born from tragedy but reaching our for Tikkun Olam, the Jewish concept of repairing your corner of the world.  This program was initially intended as a response to the Pittsburgh Shooting.  Over 3 months our team was joined by 53 communications partners from the Jewish world spreading our message.

If you were a participant in the 2019 Pilot, thank you for taking a chance on Tikkun Olam and 2 for Seder.  Thank you especially to everyone who sent us marvelous stories and pictures of their Seder.  A deep, heart-felt thank you to all of our guests. Together, this vision of repairing a part of the world after Pittsburgh became a reality.

Today we are joined by almost 200 communications partners across North America.  We have heard throughout the year from participants who found 2 for Seder to be empowering in the face of hatred.  It has also ben a time of continued tragedy, with rising expressions of anti-Semitism in Poway, Germany, New York and New Jersey.  We still have a world to repair – together.

What’s New for 2020?

All-New Home Seder Kit!  We listened to your survey feedback and overhauled the free Kit that we send to each participant by email for home Seders.  The focus of the Kit is still to enhance the family Seder and help everyone find commonalities between our heritages, religions and backgrounds.  These little extras, including “The Four Questions in Five Languages” and all new Discussion Cards help build bridges that last long past the evening and allow discussion throughout the year.  Read more about the Kit.

Supporting Community Seders.  Last year folks contacted us who didn’t know any Jews, but they wanted to participate.  We worked with our communications partners and invited these individuals to a local community Seder.  This year, we are proactively working with our partners to not only note local community Seders, but to also support building bridges in the community through our 2 for Seder Discussion Cards.  We are supplying a limited amount of these Seders with 10 sets of cards to encourage discussion and help participants find commonalities.  Read more about Community Seders.

Campus Seder Pilot.  Many of our participants and partners are focused on fighting anti-Semitism and hate on North American campuses.  We are partnering with Jewish sorority Alpha Epsilon Phi and Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi on three campuses this year.  The pilot supplies everything the students need to hold an interfaith community Seder on campus.

You have questions, we have answers.  Last year we received a lot of questions about 2 for Seder and how to use the Kit. In addition to the Frequently Asked Questions on our site, soon you will see videos and Q&As on our Facebook page.  We are also planning a live Q&A Facebook session in late March.

What’s the Same? It’s About Tikkun Olam.

2 for Seder empowers each of us to find strength in our own identities and family heritage.  Each Seder we can open our doors and invite two people of a different faith to experience Judaism directly. This authentic experience comes from the heart and all involved will remember it for a long time to come.  Guests can make their own opinions about Judaism.

But here’s the key – you need to take the action.  It’s all on you to start building a bridge with someone new. This is a wonderful expression of Tikkun Olam – repair your corner of the world.  We can’t remove hate from the world, but at least once a year, you can put a little goodness out there without lectures or confrontation, just with sharing the joy of the Seder meal.

You’re not alone – there are thousands of others who are part of 2 for Seder.  How powerful is Tikkun Olam when it’s repeated across North America this Passover?  There’s nothing stronger.  Together we will fight anti-Semitism and build bridges to our neighbors.