This Week’s Tip:  Plan for the second commemoration of the Pittsburgh Tree of Life Shooting that took the lives of 11 Jews while they prayed at Shabbat morning services. (see our origin story)  Plan what virtual events to attend.  Bring a friend of a different faith.

October 27th should always be a day to remember and reflect in spirit and in action. We honor the lives lost and the people affected by the attack on three Pittsburgh congregations in the Tree of Life Synagogue building  — Congregation Dor Hadash, New Light Congregation and Tree of Life* Or L’Simcha Congregation — on October 27, 2018.

Our actions matter.  We can show we care through acts of lovingkindness. During this second commemoration, when we can’t safely gather in person, we can come together virtually.  We can take action to fight hate and strengthen our community by building bridges and deepening our relationships with neighbors. What helped us, the families and friends of the fallen in Pittsburgh two years ago, were the hugs, love and outpouring of support from neighbors of diverse faiths.  We need those “virtual hugs” this year.  Come join us.
May the memories of the 11 be a blessing and inspire us to take action on October 27th and throughout the year.

Always Remember Lighting a yahrzeit/memorial candle in memory of the 11 lost souls is a personal way to remember our lost Jewish family. Connect with your friends of another faith to discuss and see how they remember lost martyrs.

Virtual Events

This year, most events commemorating the Tree of Life Shooting are virtual. No matter where you live, we can join together as Jews and with our neighbors of all faiths. Events are planned throughout the next two weeks. Thank you to our partner, the 10.27 Healing Partnership, for coordinating these events.

Torah Study

Led by the Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh, studying Torah (the Jewish Bible) in memory of a loved one is a great honor and mitzvah (good deed).  These sessions are led by rabbis from multiple denominations.  Almost all of these events are virtual and everyone is welcome to participate. There will be Torah study sessions on October 27th, the secular date of the Shooting and on November 4th and 5th, where the yahrzeit falls on the Hebrew calendar this year.

Commemorative Gatherings and Original Works 

These virtual events include original music inspired by the lives of the 11, original writings, a film premiere and the “official gathering” from the Congregations.

Healing Activities

10.27 Healing Partnership is a place to heal from the pain of hate.  These virtual activities are a way to channel your own feelings in a positive way.

Community Service

While those listed here are mostly in Pittsburgh, consider planning community service in your area, including donating food to your local food bank or donating blood.

How does Remembering the Victims fight Hate and anti-Semitism? 

Asking a friend of a different faith to join you online helps them understand the meaning of this horrifying attack to you and to Jews across the world.  Together we honor them by making the world a better place through volunteering, study and prayer.

Share your feelings and start a dialogue.