Building bridges between faiths happens when we reach out.  2 for Seder promotes reaching out through direct experience around something joyous – like the holidays! 


YOU can fight anti-Semitism and build bridges to our neighbors!

Learning about a different religion through a direct experience allows your guests to make their own decisions about Judaism.  Learn more about why this works

What We Do

YOU Can Take Action Against Hate

Even during COVID, you can take action to fight back in a positive way.

2 for Seder - Home Seder

Push Back Against Anti-Semitism with Love and Matzah

Our flagship program asks you to invite 2 friends of another faith to their first Seder.

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2 for Seder - Community Seder

Fight Back against Anti-Semitism as a Community

More on this Pilot program soon!

Take Action Newsletter

Weekly Tikkun-Olam-inspired Actions that YOU Can Take 

Our Newsletter provides you with tips to fight hate, build bridges and help repair your corner of the world.

Little actions make a big difference.