After COVID stopped us in our tracks, we asked our past participants to reconsider 2 for Seder.  The 300+ responses showed us that there is still a place for each individual to take action and make the world a better place with love and matzah.

THANK YOU if you held a 2 for Seder this year, and we are looking forward to making 2023 bigger and better than ever!

YOU aren’t helpless against antisemitism

The 2 for Seder Program asks Jews who are holding a Seder to invite 2 friends of a different faith to their first Seder.

What We Do

2 for Seder - Home Seder

Push Back Against Anti-Semitism with Love and Matzah

Our flagship program asks you to invite 2 friends of another faith to their first Seder.

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2 for Seder - Community Seder

Fight Back against Anti-Semitism as a Community

More on this Pilot program soon!

Public Speaking

Throughout the year we work with our partners to teach about family-friendly ways to reach out to our neighbors and fight hate through positivity.