Make a Difference, Build a Bridge

It’s the fourth anniversary of the Tree of Life Shooting and antisemitism continues.  The need for 2 for Seder continues, providing an opportunity for YOU to educate and build an interfaith bridge with your own Seder.  Each year, our participation grows across the United States and Canada. 

Seder 2023 will include our traditional 2 for Seder at home, with a new community Seder pilot for those who aren’t hosting.  

YOU aren’t helpless against antisemitism

The 2 for Seder Program asks Jews who are holding a Seder to invite 2 friends of a different faith to their first Seder.

What We Do

2 for Seder - Home Seder

Push Back Against Anti-Semitism with Love and Matzah

Our flagship program asks you to invite 2 friends of another faith to their first Seder.

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2 for Seder - Community Seder

Fight Back against Anti-Semitism as a Community

We are planning our FIRST 2 for Seder Community Seder in Northern Virginia with our Partner the Pozez Jewish Community Center.  This event will take place in mid-March before Passover.   More details coming soon!

Public Speaking

Throughout the year we work with our partners to teach about family-friendly ways to reach out to our neighbors and fight hate through positivity.