2 for Seder

Invite 2 people to their first Seder.

We believe in fighting hate with love – by pushing back on anti-Semitism with Love and Matzah!

Survey after survey shows that North Americans who are not Jewish have a lower awareness of anti-Semitism and the threat it poses. The overwhelming majority have not met a Jew or do not know anything about the religion. 

If you are Jewish, hosting 2 for Seder (in-person or virtually) provides an immersive and positive experience that builds friendships and trust between individuals and faiths.  A simple invitation can change someone’s perspective and reduce the growth of hate.  

2 for Seder is held in memory of Joyce Fienberg, who was murdered at the Pittsburg Tree of Life Shooting in 2018.  Joyce believed in making everyone who walked through her door at ease and from learning from each other.   She taught our co-founder, Marnie Fienberg about how to make a Seder and how easy it is to invite people from diverse backgrounds to join in to this joyous holiday.