You Can Take Action Against Anti-Semtism

Weekly Action Tips Coming Soon!

Anti-Semitism and hate aren’t taking a break during the COVID-19 crisis.  You may be seeing reports of hatred happening even as we are apart.  

2 for Seder believes in the power of the individual to help push back the misunderstandings and myths that lead to hate.  

Starting in June, we will be sending our participants weekly Action Tips to help you start a conversation (socially distanced) in your neighborhood, build bridges across faiths, educate yourself and others, and support  mainstream programs (our partners) like ADL, AJC, JCRCs and the JCCs. 

You can make a difference in your neighborhood.  

Help us Grow!

Your support will help us  reach out and grow 2 for Seder across North America.  For 2021, it will help us reach out to 3+ million people, supply Community Seders with interfaith Discussion Cards and fund our Campus Pilot!