Community Seders

In 2024 we are eagerly anticipating partnering with the ADL Kulanu program and it’s member Temple Emanuel just outside of Pittsburgh, PA!

This year we anticipate almost 100 participants to join our Community 2 for Seder.

If your congregation is interested in learning more about the Community 2 for Seder Haggadah, please reach out to us!

Past Comunity 2 for Seders

On March 19th, 2023, we held our first Community 2 for Seder, located in the Northern Virginia area.  Along with more than 100 people, we brought the 2 for Seder concept into an organized community Seder.

 By the Numbers

The FIRST Community 2 for Seder in the world had:

  • 10 Speakers including Virginia Delegate Filler-Corn and Delegate Simon. 
  • 11 boxes of Matzah.
  • A unique Haggadah (book that leads us through the Seder)
  • 68 folks of 5 different faiths attending their first Seder.

Sending you a huge YASHER KOACH (thank you) on a great event!  So happy I could be a part of it. My friend who isn’t Jewish had a great experience!

Brittanie from Falls Church, VA