Community Seders

2 for Seder strongly supports and encourages Interfaith Community Seders.  These are held across North America at synagogues, Jewish Community Centers and with interfaith groups. Many of our partners have Community Seders. These Seders:

  • Allow Jews without a home Seder to attend.
  • Build understanding about Judaism for anyone who is interested.
  • Challenge messages and acts of hate that have made all of us feel frightened or unwelcome.
  • Lift up the Passover themes of freedom, joy and togetherness.

Our Discussion Cards encourage productive interfaith conversation during the Seder meal.

Referral to a Community Seder

If you are not Jewish, but do not have an invitation to a home Seder, you can participate in 2 for Seder through a Community Seder!  Please contact us and we will help you find a Community Seder in your area.