Community Seders

On March 19th, 2023, we held our first Community 2 for Seder, located in the Northern Virginia area.  Along with more than 100 people, we brought the 2 for Seder concept into an organized community Seder.

 By the Numbers

The FIRST Community 2 for Seder in the world had:

  • 10 Speakers including Virginia Delegate Filler-Corn and Delegate Simon. 
  • 11 boxes of Matzah.
  • A unique Haggadah (book that leads us through the Seder)
  • 68 folks of 5 different faiths attending their first Seder.

Sending you a huge YASHER KOACH (thank you) on a great event!  So happy I could be a part of it. My friend who isn’t Jewish had a great experience!

Brittanie from Falls Church, VA

THANK YOU  to our Partners and Supporters

Our Partner Pozez JCC of Northern Virginia

Girl Scout Council of Nation’s Capital, Troop 4038