Home Seders

2 for Seder asks you to invite 2 friends of a different faith to their first Seder. Read more about how this is effective against antisemitism.    Join thousands of households to educate against casual anti-Semitism and build bridges of understanding and friendship across faiths.

The 2 for Seder program provides support for your home Seder each year.  

The 2 for Seder Guest Kit

The first time you attend a Seder is very special, and potentially a little overwhelming.  To ensure each guest has good understanding of the event, the 2 for Seder Guest Kit is available (and updated!) each year.

The 2 for Seder Host Kit

Wether you are hosting for the first time or have hosted what feels like 100 Seders, our Host Kit gives you important background, recipes and creative ideas of how to stimulate inclusive conversation,  including the Four Questions in Five Languages.