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2 for Seder 2021 is coming!

Invite 2 people to their first Seder.  Together we can fight back against casual anti-Semitism while building bridges of understanding and friendship across faiths. 

Hold a Virtual 2 for Seder. 

Seder 2021 will be our second Passover living with COVID.  While some of us will be vaccinated, we are still recommending a virtual Seder.

Visit us on Facebook or Twitter to get suggestions and tips from our recent Zoom class.  We help you with structure, ideas activities to engage all your guests, with a focus on your special Guests who are joining a Seder for the first time.  Email a request and we will send you a special Kit for your guest.   

In 2020 I went to two virtual Seders.  The one using the 2 for Seder techniques was interactive, easy to follow and felt as close to being there as possible.  

Joanna, Falls Church, VA

What’s in the 2 for Seder 2021 Kit?

in 2021 we are supplying you with a free Guest Kit to accompany our class “How to Host a Virtual 2 for Seder.”

The Guest Kit

Our short Kit introduces our Guests to the basic concepts of the Seder and set expectations for how they can participate.  This kit will help your Guests have a more immersive experience during a Virtual Seder. This includes instructions, a little history and a model Seder plate.

We recommend giving the Kit to your guests a week before the Seder.