Home Seders

During the Covid-19 virus social distancing, it is more critical than ever to continue to build bridges.  

While we can no longer be together in large, wonderful groups, 2 for Seder has special recommendations for 2020 to help us stay in touch.

Hold a Virtual Seder.  This sounds simple, but it’s a maze of technology, engagement, and Jewish law.  We presented, with a crew of our volunteers, four webinars on “How to Hold a Virtual Seder” with one focused on Jewish professionals to help them hold a Virtual Community Seder.  We had more than 800 inidviduals sign up for these and tell us how many people they would have at these virtual home and community Seders.  It all adds up to more than 10,000 being connected – even while we are apart.  

Thank you to Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) for holding a special webinar on the evening of March 26th.  

Thank you for Tidewater Federation for holding a special webinar on the evening of April 1st.

Give a Passover Package.  We think of “holiday cheer” for winter holidays to bring us a little happiness and bring us together against the darkness.  We need holiday cheer and sweetness in the spring!  As you prepare for Passover, give a small package of pre-packaged sweets and matzah for all your neighbors of all faiths (be careful to wash hands before handling or send directly from the store).  2 for Seder is working on suggestions for this package and a note to accompany it.  If you are sheltering-in-place or have a high-risk neighbor, send a holiday video or other virtual gift.

What’s in the Kit

There are three parts to our Kit: The Guest Kit, the Host Kit and the Backgrounders.  a

The Guest Kit

This section is an introduction to our Guests to set expectations for their first Seder.  Please print out and give to your guests a week before the Seder.Please print and give to your guests about a week before your Seder.k before the Seder.

Host Kit Section One:  Introduction

Suggested Introduction for your Seder.

Host Kit Section Two: The Four Questions in Five Languages

Our Guests may speak languages in addition to English.  We include the Four Questions in the following languages:

  – Spanish
  – French
  – Arabic
  – Hindi
  – Mandarin

Host Kit Section Three: Discussion Cards

There is a long-standing tradition of asking thought-provoking questions around the Seder table.  2 for Seder provides you with 20 Discussion Cards to involve and engage your guests right after the Seder.

These cards reflect the joyous occasion that your Seder should be.  They encourage discussion and look for ways to find commonalities.

 Thank you to Jewish Educator Beth Huppin from Seattle, WA,  Rabbi Evan Ravski from Fairfax, VA and writer Molly Pascal from Pittsburgh, PA for contributing to these cards!


The Background Section provides background information on anti-Semitism and how to fight it.  Thank you to partners AJC and ADL for supplying content for this section!

Help Us Grow!

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