Our Programs

2 for Seder helps you push back on anti-Semitism because you are sharing an authentic Jewish experience together.

We believe that each individual is the key to building bridges and fighting anti-Semitism throughout the year.   We currently have three programs to support you. 

2 for Seder

Push Back Against Anti-Semitism with Love and Matzah

Our flagship program asks you to invite 2 people of another faith to their first Seder. Participate in 2 for Seder and receive your Kit by email.  For 2020 learn how to "Hold a Virtual Seder. "  

In the Sukkah/ Singing in the Sukkah

Fight Back against Anti-Semitism with Love and a SAFE Sukkah

Invite 2 people to a COVID-Safe meal in the Sukkah - or whatever is a Sukkah to you.  This home-based celebration is often overlooked - but we and our neighbors need the joy it brings this year more than ever. 

Action Tips

Regular Tikkun-Olam-inspired Actions that YOU Can Take 

Our weekly Newsletter provides you with tips to fight hate, build bridges and help repair your corner of the world. 

Little actions make a big difference.