Our Seders

2 for Seder helps you push back on anti-Semitism because you are sharing an authentic Passover Seder experience together.  When you participate in a Passover Seder for the first time, you not only learn the story of how Jews became Jewish, but you see the joy of celebrating together.  You make your own decision about what this means to you – but we hope you will remember it the next time you hear a hateful joke, see a defacement of a Jewish (or any religious) location, or hear an offhand remark.

We also hope you will all share another meal together at a future date to learn about other religions. 

There are different ways to have a Seder, either at home, at a Community Seder or, if you are a university student, at a Campus Seder.  2 for Seder is working hard to support all three of these Seders to make it easy to participate.