It’s been two years since my world was shattered, when a monster so full of hate decided to take the lives of innocent people at Shabbat prayer, including my kind, beautiful and caring Mother-in-law, Joyce Fienberg. Would you say that 2 for Seder started because of the act of unspeakable hatred that took Joyce’s life?  Absolutely not.  2 for Seder and the Take Action newsletter you are reading are grounded in the acts of love, grief and support that my family and I experienced directly afterwards. This support came from wonderful people of every single faith, color and denomination across North America and the world. This support came from YOU.  This support is still very present in Pittsburgh, where today caring folks will come together to remember the 11 beautiful souls who were lost.  You can join them virtually. Today is a day to remember how we can come together, build brides and support each other.  Joyce and the other 10 beautiful souls dedicated a great deal of time to multiple Jewish and health charities to help put those in precarious positions at ease and help them focus on their issues, from fighting cancer to looking after children while their families are in court . Every single act of Tikkun Olam (the Jewish concept of repairing the world), no matter how small, remembers our lost ones. Today, you can take action toward repairing our world:

  • With a donation of food or money to a food bank.
  • With a kind word or small gift to someone who is isolated because of COVID.
  • By studying Torah and/or lighting a candle in memory of our lost ones.

May their memories be a blessing for all time.     Sign up to get Tips sent to your email box each week.